Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is a consultation firm operated as a registered investment Advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. It is a firm endowed with amicable topnotch financial and investment advice that steers client’s growth and imparts important asset management strategies. The firm was founded by Richard Blair in 1994 and has since proved to be a reliable well spring of ideas to his clients. The firm was setup to make significant contribution to the lives of individuals, small business owners and families who heed its advice.



Wealth solutions equip its clients with a workable plan that stabilizes and fortifies their future finances. The organization has achieved this by providing wealth management and retirement planning strategies to clients using the three pillar approach. This is the key determinant of a client’s needs in order to tailor make a suitable plan. These include;


The foremost pillar explores the clients’ financial background and understands their capabilities and level of performance. It helps forge a suitable way forward to follow.


Following this pillar is the stage where long term strategies are tailored to suit specific long term needs. Here, definite plans are put in place in order to reap significant benefits. It entails realignment of assets portfolio to maximize revenue generation during suitable markets and monitor impacts of negative periods.


Finally, insurance needs are met to protect the investment goals of clients. This is the long term assurance coverage of goals from uncertainties of any nature. It may include; life insurance, and annuities.



Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is an accredited and certified financial advisor. Richard pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Houston. He has accumulated vast experience in several certifications including CAS, CES, CFS, CIS and RICP, through which he diligently disseminates expertise advice. Blair decided to set up wealth solutions firm to objectively provide strategic advice on finance and asset management as well as planning retirements.



Mr. Blair’s main motivation for starting the firm was his strong family teaching influence. He observed how his grandmother and mother who were teachers stressed on how teaching helps boost and grow one’s confidence and increase knowledge ( He was also greatly drawn to finance and his passion consequently bore him the firm. He continually leads his firm to achieve the set goals that ensure its clients grow investments and meet their retirement needs. The organization has since benefited a significant number of people. Under the leadership of Richard Blair, Wealth Solutions will continue to support its clients in achieving their financial plans.


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