Securus Technologies helps prevent crime by making inmates’ lives better

Being sent to prison is one of the most difficult situations that anyone could possibly face. Throughout the history of the U.S. prison system, being sentenced to a lengthy stay in one of the nation’s jails or prisons was often a virtual guarantee that the person being sentenced would be scarred for life, whether physically or emotionally.


But over the last 20 years, the extremely harsh and brutal nature of prison stays in the United States has begun to slacken, at least to some degree. Much of this has been due to an increased awareness that certain elements of the prison environment may be able to help inmates to become successfully rehabilitated. The shift in focus to actually rehabilitating inmates, allowing them to eventually have a higher chance of successfully reintegrating into society, has been made possible by advancements in criminology as well as those in technology.


Today, it is widely recognized that inmates who are able to stay in contact with the outside world maintain a higher level of socialization to law-abiding norms that will help them reintegrate into society upon release. One way in which inmates are being encouraged to maintain positive, pro-social habits is through allowing them the ability to hold face-to-face communications with their family members on a daily basis.


No company has been more instrumental in facilitating this process than Securus Technologies. As one of the nation’s largest inmate communication firms, Securus Technologies has developed its video visitation technology, allowing inmates to maintain nearly constant contact with their loved ones on the outside. The beneficial effects of this system have been well-documented. Inmates in prisons where the system has been installed have fewer rates of infractions, and the institutions themselves suffer from far fewer serious security events.


Through technologies like these, Securus Technologies is keeping America’s prison safe.


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