Why Bob Reina Had Talk Fusion University Started

Bob Reina never feels his mission to help others is over and is always looking at how he can do more both through his company Talk Fusion, and as a philanthropist. One of his latest additions to Talk Fusion is Talk Fusion University, a new training program for associates at the company. This program is aimed to get new associates a base from which to get started selling Talk Fusion products, but even associates who’ve been at Talk Fusion for a while can always go to it and learn something new.


Bob Reina began his mission to help others over 30 years ago when he served as a police officer in the greater Tampa Bay area of Hillsborough County. He liked what he did initially, but over time he began to feel he would do better being self-employed. He was with several direct selling companies over the years, but nearly all of them would eventually fade. He decided to look into starting his own business in 2004 when he came across the idea of building a program that could send videos through email. That program took a little while to develop to perfection, but in 3 years it hit the marketplace and Talk Fusion was officially born. Learn more: https://video-chat.talkfusion.com/


Talk Fusion has evolved from a video email program to now having live video chat, video presentations and multi-person meeting software in the suites, and businesses can also use Talk Fusion’s signup forms to bring in new sales leads. Talk Fusion serves not only large businesses, but also small businesses and even those who just want to use their products for personal reasons. Associates have incentives to make a lot of sales with Talk Fusion products, including getting to go on paid-for vacations and getting expensive jewelry. But those who want to try Talk Fusion products before buying also get a chance to do so through the free trials program. Talk Fusion has evolved their products over the years to now accommodate mobile users, and to that end they were given several “Product of the Year” awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation in 2016.


The Mega Mighty Fortress Church

A church is a solemn place that guides us to live right with fellow humanity. Church since time immemorial has taken different shapes and forms of architecture. Some of the indigenous churches had a past preceding their construction ranging from martyrs, educational centers or in memory of fallen heroes. Some despite having been existence for years have remained beautiful and spectacular even in this day and age.

The Episcopal Church of Our Savior, a fieldstone masterpiece under the architect John Sutcliffe is one monumental structure that lies in Little Falls. It is a perfect match for the Gothic and Tudor styles which means the church has stone construction for the base and a stucco design at the upper part of the building. The Fowler Methodist Episcopal Church in Minneapolis just like the Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church in the same town have a Romanesque architectural style a mix of steeples, sharp spires, and arched bricks. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

Stearns County host many Catholic churches but the Church of Lady of the Angels cannot go unmentioned. It stands out from the rest due to its unique interiors. It is well illuminated by beautiful chandeliers and has an artwork of Mary seemingly ascending from the cloud. The Church of the Holy Communion situated in the Minnesota River Valley is yet another exceptional building dating back from 1869.

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About the Mighty Fortress Church

The Mighty Fortress church is one of the biblical doctrine following churches serving the spiritual and by extension physical matters of the people. It teaches on practical lessons of Christian living. It seeks to answers life’s toughest choices and decision in a godly manner.

Mighty Fortress is one of the most versatile churches. It accepts believer from all walks of life, gender and races. In recent time the church has received a huge following thanks its multi-dimensional approach to outreach ministry.

Bishop T.R. Williams is the Senior Pastor and the General Overseer. He has been to the ministry for over 30 years particularly interested in the treasures and wisdom of the Word of God. He belongs to the elite class having an undergraduate, graduate and master’s degree from Rhema BTC, North Central University and from Bethel St. Paul MN respectively. View the interactive map at minneapolisnorthwest.com.


A healthy brain plays a significant role in the overall health of an individual. As a result, brain training is necessary for improving the working memory for both adults and children. An efficient brain training program is not only personalized and goal specific but also motivating and challenging. Depression and other mental illnesses can be treated through on time brain training. And since depression is a major mental illness, it is essential to understand its impacts on the patient. The following are a few facts showing the more significant effect of depression that people often ignore. Read more at dialdish.com about Neurocore.

Depression can occur without outside aspects

Although depression is attributed to many causes, there is no sole distinguishable cause. However, stressful occasions such as unemployment or loss pose a higher risk of depression to the affected individuals. Also, depression is attributed to specific genetic factors.

Depression symptoms are not obvious

Depression signs and symptoms are different in different persons. The most common signs are sadness and emptiness. Also, lack of sleep or oversleeping, drastic loss of weight and natural irritability are also frequent in most depressed people. However, some signs do not show at all, and an individual may typically be operating, but they are having severe harmful thoughts and inner chaos.

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Extra funding is urgently needed for depression research

Despite the fact that the number of deaths caused by breast cancer is almost equal to those resulting from suicide, depression receives a tiny funding percentage. It is, therefore, necessary to have more funds for depression research as soon as possible

Neurocore cares about your brain health and takes pride in ensuring that is at optimal functionality. As a result, Neurocore provides individualized brain treatment through a comprehensive assessment of personal symptoms. The information gained from a particular brain is then used to come up with a personalized training program to improve that specific mind.

Neurocore provides reliable treatment for anxiety, depression, migraines, stress, sleep disorders and autism among other mental illnesses. Through the therapy, you gradually learn to take control of your brain activities and achieve positive results at the end of it all. Phone consultation at Neurocore center is free. Follow Neurocore on facebook.com.

Agora Financial Looks To Free The Finances Of Subscribers

The majority of people are looking to find new ways of gaining a stronger sense of freedom in their finances in the 21st-century, particularly after the credit crisis of 2008 which left much distrustful of using the services of major investment companies. One question is how does an individual get access to the best possible information about where to invest their money and, most importantly, which investments to ignore as the future becomes a reality. Agora Financial is looking to assist with these issues as the publisher is seeking the chance to explore the best options in investment advice for private citizens to enjoy.

Scanning the world for the best investment opportunities has been the realm of support offered by Agora Financial as the future of individuals becomes a more pressing concern than ever before. Agora Financial believes it is important for all subscribers to enjoy their finances safe in the knowledge their investments should continue to rise over the years; the company scours the world looking for investments yet to hit the mainstream such as new gold mines in Africa and other undiscovered options found across the planet.

Headquartered in Baltimore, Agora Financial began life in 1979 as part of the umbrella company, Agora Inc before becoming an independent entity in 2004. The subscription based service began life by supplying newsletters with the latest financial advice and tips from individuals with a large level of knowledge about how to achieve financial success and independence.

The number of experts involved with Agora Financial has grown over the years and all provide different levels of knowledge in a range of areas used to identify the best possible investments for the future. Some of the issues Agora Financial has identified include the problems facing Lehman Brothers and the global credit crunch of 2008 years before the mainstream media reported these problems to the public.

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