New Gaming Service Offers Custom PCs Tailored to Your Gaming

Once you play your first gaming computer you will likely never want to go back to consoles. Computers that have been optimized to play the newest games make for wonderful devices that offer power and flexibility right from your fingertips. Unfortunately there is a barrier for entry into the world of PC gaming and it is due in large part to how frustrating it can be to build your own system. The company NZXT is launching their custom computer build company, BLD, in order to erase these barriers and get gamers doing what they do best — playing games.

BLD seeks to bridge the gap between PC gamers and the sort of tech info that you need in order to become one. PC gamers learn to love all of the specs and the details that go into crafting a gaming computer but understandably a lot of people just don’t have the time, patience or aptitude to do it. BLD offers gamers the chance to scroll through a library of popular games and select the ones that they want to play. BLD then asks the customer for budgetary information before churning out a custom gaming computer based on their needs. This is an intuitive interface that skips all of the price checking and cross referencing.

Customers interested in the concept can go right onto the BLD website and get going. They’ll first select the games they are interested in before selecting their price range. After this happens BLD will lead them to a few optional computer builds and their price point. Clicking on any of these builds will lead them to a page full of spec details, price breakdowns, and an estimated FPS rate for each game selected during the first steps. Shipping is fast and the computers come with easy to assemble instructions.

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