Dad Dating Simulator is Highly Anticipated

Dad Dating Simulator is Highly AnticipatedDream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is the highly anticipated casual, indie dating simulation game from Game Grumps. The game focuses on the player who will play as a dad where they will meet and romance other hot dads. The basic premise is the player is a dad with their daughter who has just moved to the quiet seaside town of Maple Bay.

The new Dad of the neighborhood sets out to discover everyone else who lives there and finds other, single dateable dads are present in the town. There are seven different dads players can choose to date ranging from a Bad Dad to a Teacher Dad. There are several different awesome dads in the game to date with each one complete with their own endings, minigames, sidequests, and different paths to take.

One of the most anticipated games of the year, players have been waiting eagerly to get their hands on this Dad themed game. There are multiple endings per-Dad, so replayability will be through the roof. One of the aspects of this Dad themed game players will be looking forward to is the ability to play as a single, hot Dad who is dating other Dads. The concept is even packed with so many Dad puns that Game Grumps claims it will make all players uncomfortable.

The Daddy Dating Simulator game was set to come out originally on July 13th but was delayed for several days. The reason being that Game Grumps had been working around the clock to have the game released originally. They suffered from a lack of sleep and after much consideration decided to hold on the release of the game. The delay was needed though so the game developers were able to work out game bugs and other problems with the game to have it ready for its new release date, July 19th.

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