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All heart patients are unique; thus, Edward Honig and his team of top NYC cardiologists can create a treatment plan that’s solely customized to your specific needs. Most patients often wonder what the best questions to ask a cardiologist are. Identifying the best questions can vary with each patient; the goal of Edward Honig is to create open, cooperative environments between you and the cardiologist, so that every question gets asked. That’s a top way to narrow the search and seek the best potential questions to ask your doctor.


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Choose the Best Cardiologist for Your Needs


Choosing your physician is the first critical step toward great heart health as Symptoms, risk factors, treatments, and even surgery options for treating heart ailments can seem overwhelming. How should one choose the best cardiologist for his or her personal needs? First, he or she must consult with a primary care physician.


Second, one must educate oneself as a participating patient within heart or cardiovascular conditions. This sensitive heart and vascular care’s a rapidly evolving field; Honig’s team prides itself for encouraging patient participation and education within the process of selecting more than the best cardiologist – but also the best programs for heart and cardiovascular care – made for your treatment needs. Third, a big step toward finding the best cardiologist for one’s situation is simply to reach out and make an initial consultation with a local cardiologists. Each NYC provider’s a top cardiologist within a CPMC organization though each has his or her unique skill set, education, specialty and personality.


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Whether you live in Manhattan, throughout the greater NYC area, Queens County or even elsewhere in New York – or the United States as a whole – the first step’s easy: Request an information kit. To find the best cardiologist for you, begin with an initial consultation. Edward Honig is supported by only one of the best heart networks within the USA – offering him quality, comprehensive patient-centered cardiovascular systems by a team of top surgeons who proudly use the most leading-edge technology. Serving the downtown NYC Area, as well as the entire Northern New York region, this team is ready to meet any challenge head on.

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