Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Trying to Move Amazon Off the Top Spot

Moving Amazon from the top spot in any niche is hard enough, trying to do it in the online apparel niche is near impossible. To get a better understanding as to how dominant Amazon is within the clothing market, regardless of the thousands of clothing companies fighting for every dollar, Amazon is taking in a comfortable 20 percent of all the sales. As dominating as that seems, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics doesn’t appear to be that nervous about going after the leader because in just a few short years they have already sold well over $250 million in sales of women’s workout apparel and high-quality active-wear.


Listen very closely as Hudson talks all about he appealing athleisure brand. She is not promoting the fact her inventory is diverse or the pricing is low, she talks about the success of the brand having to do with a sales tactic known as reverse showrooming and her rewarding membership package. To better understand how these two work together, we have to take a short drive to the local mall and visit the Fabletics retail stores. Inside the retail store, you see women window-shopping for all the latest when it comes to women’s active-wear, you see ladies taking the Fabletics lifestyle quiz, and you even see everyone trying on all the clothing they can.


Where the real money is pouring into Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is at the e-commerce store. This is where you can take advantage of a number of the membership perks. Perhaps the biggest advantage to shopping online is that each item you tried on while in the mall stores is going to be transferred to your online account. Now you know what items fit you perfectly, so you start searching for other styles, colors, or arrivals, and load up your cart rather than worrying if anything will fit or not.


Looking at the other membership benefits, when you are shopping online you will enjoy free shipping for your order, discounts on clothing pricing, and even the assistance of your very own personal shopping assistant. Your assistant has the job of analyzing your quiz answers and buying patterns, then select one item and put it in the shopping cart for your future consideration. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been gaining ground on Amazon and has plans to be in the top position by pampering their female clientele each visit unlike any other online shopping experience.

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