What can the Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy Education Institute do for you?

Do you work in a charter school in the United States? Have you long been hearing about a New York City charter school network called Success Academy, and its founder and CEO Eva Moskowitz?


If so, and you have long wanted to work there, because of a new program instituted by Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy, you may no longer have to. That is because they are offering their Academy’s curriculum completely free of charge to any educator that wants it.


Meaning you now have the possibility of working in your own charter school in just the same way as teachers at Success Academy.


The new Success Academy program is called Education Institute, was the brainchild of Eva Moskowitz and other Academy executives, and was two years in the making.


It is an online program that has been set up to allow educators around the country to access the Academy’s complete curriculum, their teaching methods and the resources they use in the classroom.


At Education Institute, you will also find in-depth information about Eva Moskowitz, the Success Academy and how they were able to achieve the success they have had in the just over 10 years they have been in existence.


You can access the information from the Academy’s website via a simple registration process. Once accepted, you can visit the new platform as often as you like to download curriculum material, look for teaching resources and to also look at any new material that may have been added.


All of this has been put online as Eva Moskowitz believes every child, no matter where they live, has the right to a good education. She also believes most teachers are not able to give them the education they need simply because they are working with the poor materials and curriculum available in their own school districts.


With access to Success Academy’s curriculum, however, that can quickly change.




Battletech Game Specifics Revealed At E3

Tabletop gamers are probably already well aware of the name Battletech, as it’s a popular board game involving weaponized giant fighting suits of armor set in a sci-fi world first conceived back in the 1980s. Video gamers however may have become familiar with a 2015 Kickstarter launched by Harebrained Schemes based on that classic board game.


The Kickstarter was a massive success, raising nearly $3 million and fully funding all of its stretch goals, including multiplayer and a fully voiced single-player campaign. Now, we get our first look at what over two years of development has brought at this year’s E3.


The game is a turn-based strategy game loyal to its turn-based tabletop counterpart. Everything a Battletech fan would expect is there: big, fighing mechs, awesome sci-fi setting, and lots of strategy.


They’ve included a full range of combat options with the battling mechs, including melee, ranged, and rocket-based attacks along with defensive options. Everything is managed by the player, including movements, sensors, and overheating.


Two trailers were launched at E3. The first one showed off the massive amounts of customization options and the game’s excellent soundtrack. The second trailer showed off the game’s combat. The game plays similar to other strategy games yet maintains its own slot as something truly unique with all of the different units and options. They also did an interview with popular gamer Day9, talking about the different modes of play and combat in detail in their own words.


The visuals are quite impressive in close range combat, but even the scenery in a full shot is beautifully drawn and looks like something out of a painting. A lot of the options available from the ship screen were not demonstrated yet, simply instead just showing off their existence. Hopefully the developer will be able to come through on their promises because we’ve all seen too many failed Kickstarters, and a lot of us are going to be pretty skeptical until we see it operating in its entirety.



XCOM 2: War of the Chosen First Look

Folks at the PC Gaming Show got their first look at upcoming Firaxis expansion XCOM 2: War of the Chosen.


Originally released February 5, 2016, XCOM 2 is a turn-based tactics game developed by Firaxis Games that has received near-universal critical acclaim. War of the Chosen, due out August 29 of this year, is slated to be a major expansion pack for this game and will bring with it a wealth of new content and features, more so than any previous expansion.


XCOM 2 fans will find much to love here. War of the Chosen brings an additional campaign with three resistance factions to unite and fight the aliens. Reapers attack from the shadows and sabotage. Skirmishers are defectors from the aliens that are human hybrids and can perform multiple actions per turn. Templars are psionic fighters who become more powerful as a mission progresses. These CHosen will change throughout the game, adapting and becoming more powerful.


There’s also more to explore with lost cities, creating some chaotic three-way fights between the aliens, XCOM, and some alien tech-mutated humans.


Fans who are hoping to get an early look can check out the trailer on YouTube. They have also just made the PC Gaming Show interview fully available, so check that out to hear the developers talk about the new game and what it brings to the table in their own words.


As an expansion pack, War of the Chosen will require the base XCOM 2 game in order to play. So be on the lookout for summer sales coming up to get your hands on the base game if you haven’t already and be able to experience all this exciting new content in a couple months’ time.


Samsung’s New CHG90, Ultrawide Monitor

Samsung has revealed their newest computer monitor up for purchase: the CHG90. The widest computer monitor on the market, this appeals to PC gamers and computer enthusiasts alike. Many may be more or less loyal to their dual monitor setup, having more room to work and play with. Some PC gamers probably remain most comfortable with their split customization. However, there might be a new trend of wide computer monitors becoming the standard. As more and more computer users base their work and play styles on the limits of their screen capacity, wider computer monitors will fall more in demand.


The 49-inch CHG90 ultrawide gaming monitor by Samsung has a slight curve to it. The curve of the monitor helps prevent eye strain, as it keeps both left and right sides of the screen within peripheral vision. The viewing angle is 178-degrees. The aspect ratio to this monitor is wildly beyond the normal resolution, which is usually around 16:9. This monitor is at 32:9, leaving new perspectives in games. This capacity for wider views leads to a deeper immersion in game-play. In addition, photo-editing and multitasking are easier with so much increased work space.


The monitor has a reduced response time using a VA LCD panel: only a millisecond. The refresh rate is 144 hertz, which equals refreshed pixels 144 times per second. While this depends on the user’s graphics card capacity, the improvement is huge. AMD’s FreeSync 2 technology is also utilized, meaning the monitor communicates with your computer’s graphics card to create less screen tearing and unwanted choppy effects.


The monitor comes with software with ultra-customization. The screen can be split in a multitude of different directions and made to perfect the user’s needs. While this monitor is beautiful, it is hard to imagine an office full of them. It takes up massive desk space, though this monitor excels in so many other ways, making it ideal for a host of different uses.

Jennifer Walden Is A Highly Renowned Plastic Surgeon

Jennifer Walden was born and brought up in Austin. She studied at the University of Texas Medical Branch which was at Galveston. She has done fellowship in “Aesthetic Surgery.” This was from the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. After that, she started a successful practice that was located in New York City. It was in 2011 that Jennifer Walden returned to Austin, her hometown. Also, she has co-authored Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

She has been in this practice for eight years now. Her focus is on cosmetic surgery specifically. This includes breast augmentations, along with face-lifts, as well as eyelid lifts. She is an expert in rhinoplasties. She also performs liposuction as well as injecting of Botox besides other types of soft-tissue fillers.

The fact is that the number of female doctors who specialize in plastic surgery today is very less. There are nearly 8,100 certified plastic surgeons today in the country. Out of these, only 851 are women.

Jennifer Walden Reviews is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This is the professional organization of cosmetic surgeons who are board-certified.

She says that one of the reasons why so few females opt for plastic surgery can be that it requires a minimum of training after finishing medical school. This means that a female doctor will have to delay having children. Also, the culture of surgery is not very conducive to women. A female surgeon has to prove herself over and over again.

Jennifer Walden acknowledge that being a female plastic surgeon also has its own advantages. Like, mostly these cosmetic surgeries are done on women. This may not be for beauty reasons alone. This may be because these women do not like some asymmetric part of their body. Or else their body may have gone through major changes post child-birth. Such women feel comfortable in talking to another woman about all this.

Eric Lefkofsky Could Help Revolutionize Cancer Research

Eric Lefkofsky is a US businessman who is most well-known for his company Groupon. His latest professional venture is Tempus which could revolutionize how we approach cancer treatments and research in the future. Tempus has a goal to create a genomic database of cancer which would allow physicians to specifically target the therapeutic efforts to combat cancer by comparing cancer patient’s DNA from around the world. After discovering that the technology to create such a database was becoming more accessible and that the data was already there, it seemed like a no-brainer to help establish a database that would help physicians analyze this data.Tempus has teamed up with some of the most reputable hospitals to collect data and has already implemented a 20,000-square ft. lab where gene-sequencing will be performed. Once the database is built, Tempus will provide physicians with software to help them analyze data with ease. Tempus isn’t just a company, it could pave the way to miraculous scientific discoveries surrounding one of the most serious conditions plaguing the world today.

About the Entrepreneur and Businessman Eric Lefkofsky

Aside from Tempus and Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky is a founding partner of Lightbank and a co-founder of Uptake Technologies. Prior to his successful career as a serial entrepreneur and businessman in the Chicago area, Eric Lefkofsky attended the University of Michigan and the University of Michigan Law School.

Tempus isn’t the first technological or medical based venture that Eric has teamed up with or facilitated. Eric and his wife Liz established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006 to help fast track research, programs, and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for people at home and around the world. The Lefkofsky’s have also made significant donations to cancer centers, as well as gastric and breast cancer research. If Tempus is as successful as his previous ventures, you can be sure that it is sure to make waves throughout the medical, scientific, and technological communities.

Jim Tananbaum’s Believe in Science, Computer Science, and Healthcare Has Seen Him Work Relentlessly towards Their Development

Jim Tananbaum has always had an interest in the combination of science, computer science, and healthcare. Throughout his career, his love for the three fields was manifested. For more than 25 years, Jim worked as an investment strategist where he achieved much success. He also invested in the healthcare sector where he founded successful companies. Jim currently runs Foresite Capital, a firm that provides necessary incentives to emerging healthcare ventures.

How it began

Jim Tananbaum founded Foresite Capital on the desire to see a better future for healthcare. He is very optimistic about the future of healthcare. His inspiration comes from observing the application of science to solving healthcare challenges. Being in the industry for more than a decade made him understand the magnitude of the incentives required to succeed. That is why Tananbaum took it upon himself to assist emerging healthcare leaders to realize their dreams. By providing the necessary capital, networks, and information, Foresite Capital has helped numerous companies achieve remarkable growth. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.

How He Did It

Jim Tananbaum’s ability to network with avid leaders in the healthcare sector has come in handy in realizing his ideas. He is also driven by passion and commitment to his work, which increases his productivity. He is also an avid reader; he has been able to gather problem-solving tactics from books. Jim is very careful when hiring his team. His desire is to have team members that complement each other. That way, they can brainstorm and come with solutions as a team. Jim insists on the need for entrepreneurs to move from the traditional ways of doing things. He advises on adapting practices that can steer business growth. Entrepreneurs should not fear taking risks. By carrying out due diligence and wearing a diligent and optimistic demeanor, Jim has realized big returns. A trait he advises entrepreneurs to adopt.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum founded two health care investment practices: Prospect Venture and Sierra Ventures. Jim also founded two biopharmaceutical firms: GelTex Pharmaceuticals and Theravance, Inc. He also served in Amira Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, Healtheon, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals.

Jim is a highly learned man. He majored in math, electrical engineering, and computer science at the globally acclaimed Yale University. He also attained an MBA degree and Medical Doctor Degree from Harvard University.

Check out his website officialjimtananbaum.com

Check out his Facebook page

 See more: https://www.forbes.com/profile/jim-tananbaum/

A Family That Keeps On Giving

Eric Lefkofsky has used his innovative mind to create companies that have made positive changes in the world. Lefkofsky is a Michigan born man who graduated from the University of Michigan. Lefkofsky has a net worth of about 1.97 billion dollars. He is a person who has used his influence and wealth to help others. Tempus is a company that was created by Eric Lefkofsky. This is a company that was created to help those individuals who are suffering from cancer. The general treatment for cancer is the use of radiation or chemotherapy. These are treatments that are made to help cure certain types of cancers, but each individual is different when it comes to their cancer diagnosis. An individual has a much better chance of getting a cure if they get a medication that is tailored suited to their genetic makeup. Targeted cancer care is the total concept of Tempus.

Tempus works with different hospitals like Penn Hospital and the Mayo Clinic to approach the genomic data of each individual. Their technology uses sequencing to get a better understanding of each patient’s type of cancer. Using Tempus technology, a physician can analyze their patient’s DNA on a molecular level, and they can find a personal treatment for them. This is the only type of medical technology of its kind. Tempus assists doctors in making medical decisions that can treat patients in an effective manner.

Another monumental achievement of Eric Lefkofsky and his wife is the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This is a foundation that was created to work in tandem with other charities. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is a foundation that gives to the arts, education, and human rights. This foundation has the goal of helping to improve the quality of life of all human beings. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is also dedicated to their community. The Lefkofsky family is a family that gives of their funds and their time to promote growth and culture in their local community.

Eric Pulier: The Face of Successful Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

Starting out as a graduate at Teaneck High School, Eric Pulier went on to further his education at Harvard University. He’s since concentrated much of his time by making a name for himself in numerous facets of the entrepreneurial world by taking on and achieving numerous feats since the 1980’s. His achievements have impacted the general public, particularly those who are described as disadvantaged economically and children who are suffering from chronic conditions.


After graduating from Harvard University, Eric Pulier went on to found the company People Doing Things, after moving to Los Angeles in 1991. It was a technologically innovative company whose sole focus was on improving both the educational and healthcare industries. It has proven to be a success in terms of improving those sectors of public service in the years since its implementation.


In the years since starting People Doing Things (or PDT), he’s founded, co-founded, and funded 15 different companies having to do with improvement found through the implementation of technology. This includes Digital Evolution, which he founded back in 1994, and has since been taken up by US Interactive LLC. Other successful companies that he has founded include Desktone, US Media Interactive LLC, MediaPlatform, and SOA Software, just to name a few of the most notable multi-venture backed companies that Pulier’s been involved in.


Named as one of the 30 e-visionaries, Eric Pulier has been successful in generating millions of dollars in revenue for his companies over the years. He’s considered one of the most well known and respected technologists currently active in the industry. He attends conferences to speak of his accomplishments often and is a regular at technology forums where discussion on the newest technologies available to work with takes place. As it stands, Pulier is the executive director of the Enterprise Leadership Council. He has also served in a position on the Clinton Global Initiative.


Philanthropy has always been present at the heart of his career. Eric Pulier has shown great dedication to helping those less unfortunate, including the impoverished and those suffering from various illnesses. This has included his team up with other bright names in the industry to create the first social media network for children with chronic illness to connect with each other, the Starlight World.