Wengie’s recommended edible school snacks

Many students crave a snack while attending class and Wengie offers up a number of edible school supplies one can create including crayons, pencil shavings, and an eraser. Not only will this edible food provide one with a snack but it will also play tricks with your friends as they may not realize that your creations are actually food one can digest. Many kids use crayons in their elementary years and one can make them from gelatin using straws, duct tape, scissors, and multiple flavors of Jell-O. Start by boiling Jell-O using your flavor of choice and when complete, pour it into a straw that one has taped the other end of so as to retain the gelatin. Once filled, place the straws into the refrigerator and let sit for a couple of hours. Next use the crayon wrappers from an actual crayon and scotch tape the label on to the straw. Cut down the straw to match the length of a crayon and then use a small knife to create a tip to the Jell-O created crayon. Place the gelatin crayons into a crayon box and amaze your friends by taking a few bites of what they believe are actual crayons.


Pencil shavings can be created simply by breaking down a few Brazil nuts and then use a clean pencil sharpener to run the nuts through to create what appear to be pencil shavings. Once the shavings have been created, pull off the cover and take a few in your hand and eat them in front of your classmates to gross them out. A Wengie pencil eraser can be chewable by removing the original eraser and replacing the eraser with a rolled up piece of Hubba Bubba bubble gum. Use a knife to cut it down to the size of a pencil eraser and one will have a treat to chew when board with their class. Gelatin can be used to create a rubber eraser. Bring water, milk gelatin, and jelly powder to a boil and pour the contents into a small square container. Place it into the refrigerator for a couple of hours and pop out the square consumable eraser to fool your friends.

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