Securus Wants To Be Sure That All Calls Are Secure

Securus has been trying to help as many people as possible with secure prison phone calls, but they have gone the extra mile with video calls and secure calling networks. They are a large company that has set up cameras in every prison where they offer service, and they are working on behalf of all customers to make sure that they can get a secure call that shows clear video. There are many people who are using the Securus network like I am, and I think that they are doing the right thing by locking down every call.


They are making sure they are correcting their network every time they need to, and I know that they are making it a lot easier for people to feel secure when they place a call. The calls go through their app or their website, and then you can see the person you are calling. They get to sit down in front of the camera to have a chat, and they will learn pretty quickly that they can carry on a conversation with you for as long as you need to. This helps everyone from the families to the lawyers.


I want to be sure that I have something that I can use to reach the jails, and I know that I can get a lot of help from the Securus people. They are nice people, and they helped me set up my account the first time. I wanted to have the account ready to go in case I needed to place a call, and now I know how to use it in case someone wants to learn. Securus has been great for me, and they have shown a lot of people in our community how to keep in secure communication with family in jail.



RAJ FERNANDO is known to be quite a successful—-and most importantly, resourceful—-businessman and entrepreneur. He sure does know how to use the resources which are available at his disposal, and he also knows how to make more resources become available…which is like wise a useful skill for any leader to have these days.

Not only that, but there is more. Check out MR. FERNANDO‘s methods so that you may get just a slight tad bit taste of what is behind the thinking of this one of a kind man:

“The nature of the business can be stressful enough. CEO Raj Fernando wants to keep the surrounding atmosphere as pleasant as possible to counter that, so it’s crucial that his employees get along. So when it comes to hiring, he doesn’t approach it like some of his competitors, who may bring in 30 potentials…..” (, pg. 1, para. 2 and 3)

For one, the above mentioned quote from the reputable source online is saying this: that MR. FERNANDO screens extensively and strenuously. It appears that he only likes to work with the very best of the very best of the very best in the business, which by far is yet another unique skill for any serious minded businessman to have. In my opinion, all leaders who are serious about growth and success potential should have this frame of mind….and I know that I am not alone in this personal opinion. For many have come and gone before me, and as history shows, have made it happen time and time again….as they say.

Did I mention the fact that….early in RAJ FERNANDO’S career…..he volunteered himself to work at the CHICAGO MERCANTILE EXCHANGE? That is both a resume list experience gaining ice breaker and a great way to get a foot in the door any where. Not every one does this, but applauded are the brave souls who are willing to step out on the ice and risk it all….in volunteering efforts to help others. All in all, MR. FERNANDO began with few resources….and worked his way to the top.

Eric Pulier the Philanthropist

Eric Pulier earned his degree in English and American Literature at Havard University. Eric was a self taught computer programmer during his childhood since the fourth grade. He started with his database company when he was a teenager and moved on to many other technology related ventures such as Desktone, Media Platform, and Akana. Not only has Eric Pulier had a successful entrepreneurial life, but he is also a philanthropist. He has donated generous amounts of money to various charitable organizations and now he is a part of the innovation board for the X-Prize Foundation. He is also involved with the Starbright World social media network and the Painted Turtle summer camp. see:

The X-Prize Foundation organizes competitions for coming up with ideas to help solve humanitarian concerns. Some of their ongoing campaigns involve solving women’s safety, creating the abundance of clean drinking water, increasing adult literacy and reducing carbon emissions.

The Painted Turtle summer camp is a camp specifically for disabled children between the ages of 7 and 16. The camp includes many outdoor activities that are medically supervised such as obstacle courses and horseback riding. The Painted Turtle camp is currently located in Lake Hughes, CA. The Camp was founded in 2004 by Page Adler and Paul Newman. Pulier currently serves as the Vice President and General Manager of the camp.

Pulier is a friend of both Bill Clinton and Al Gore and has collaborated with many of their projects. In 1997, PresidentClinton selected him to run the Bridge To The 21st Century project in the Presidential Technology Exhibition. Pulier is still an active partner with the Clinton Foundation.

@Facebook: Eric.Pulier


Talk Fusion And Advertising Creativity

One thing that is needed for business success is creativity. However, the amount of creativity that is used for business depends on the type of tools that are available. For one thing, if people have the right tools, then their creativity could be without limits. This is why Talk Fusion is such a hit with people. The creativity that comes with the use of this software makes it easier for people to come up with something that is useful in generating sale. With Talk Fusion, the marketer has more room and ability in putting together ads that will increase interest in the product.

After putting together the ad, the user has to know how to reach as many people as possible. Fortunately, if he has a list, then he can advertise to many people. This will increase the likelihood of sales. Not only will people see the creativity that is put into the product, but they will also be even more interested in the product that is being presented to them. As a result, they will be more likely to buy the item. All that needs to happen is that the user presents other users with good products to buy.

Talk Fusion makes advertising a lot easier for marketers. Therefore, the business owners and marketers will have a lot more time to focus on other stuff. For one thing, the revenue that they generate from the ads is going to help them bring their business into much greater levels. Users will have more options on what they can do with their business. For one thing, they will be able to decide on whether or not their business expands or not. They will also be able to decide on the hiring of other people. Talk Fusion has been put together for businesses to increase their profits.

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Naomi Campbell: A Fashionista and Philanthropist

Naomi Campbell is a household name. She’s known for her height, for her stature, for her stride, for her style. She’s known for her glossy magazine covers, her famed friends, and for being regarded as one of the first major supermodels. She’s known for her walk as much as she is her talk. Campbell has been for years, not just a fashionista, but an active philanthropist.

The fashion half was kick-started from an early age. As a young child, Campbell was enrolled into multiple performing arts schools across Europe. Her study of dance proved especially fruitful when, at just seven years old, she was featured in Bob Marley’s music video “Is This Love”. At the age of twelve, she tap-danced in Culture Club’s “I’ll Tumblr 4 Ya”. Come 1986, she was scouted by the head of Synchro Model Agency, and just before her sixteenth birthday, Naomi Campbell graced the cover of British Elle.

Her look and grace incited a rapid rise to stardom. Campbell became the first black model ever to appear on the cover of TIME Magazine, as well as the first black model to appear on the cover of French Vogue and Russian Vogue. Her commanding walk made her quick a queen of the catwalk, often booking top designer shows like Azzedine Alaia, Dior, Versace, and Chanel. She’s done hundreds of campaigns and editorials including shoots for Burberry, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, and Louis Vuitton. Campbell has posed for over 500 magazine covers since that very first for British Elle, and is often regarded with her keen friendship to fellow supermodel Kate Moss.

The revered and iconic model has graced stages for more reasons that to showcase designer collections, however. Naomi Campbell has long been involved in many fundraising and charity efforts, and has even founded her own initiatives. In 1993, she worked with Nelson Mandela with charity work in South Africa, and in 1997, he named her “Honorary Granddaughter” for her advocacy and activism. In 2005, Campbell founded Fashion For Relief, a fashion show charity organization to fund relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina. The initiative presented shows in New York, London, Cannes, Moscow, Dar es Salaam, and Mumbai, and raised over millions of dollars for a variety of causes. In 2007, she hosted the South African leg of Live Earth, a movement to raise environmental awareness. She has, undoubtedly, solidified her position as a force to be reckoned with on international runways, as well as her place among international initiatives.

John Goullet – Transforming IT and the Efficiency of Corporations

When you look at the success that John Goullet When you look at the success that John Goullet has developed, you would never believe that he began working as a simple IT consultant. Because for John’s knowledge of technology, he could merge his IT staffing company with a Fortune 500 company. Five years after John took an upper management position with Diversant, his finances grew exponentially. Within those short 5 years, Goullet had earned his way to the top – and was receiving a $30 million salary.

As soon as the merger was complete, many upper staff men noticed that he had an extraordinary grasp of business, and innovation. It is thought by many, that a great deal of the improvement in Diversant LLC. Is directly related to John’s professionalism, planning, and drive.

Because for John’s knowledge of technology, he could merge his IT staffing company with a Fortune 500 company. Five years after John took an upper management position with Diversant, his finances grew exponentially. Within those short 5 years, Goullet had earned his way to the top – and was receiving a $30 million salary.

As soon as the merger was complete, many upper staff men noticed that he had an extraordinary grasp of business, and innovation. It is thought by many, that a great deal of the improvement in Diversant LLC. Is directly related to John’s professionalism, planning, and drive.

Don Ressler Makes Waves with Fabletics and JustFab

The greatest thing that someone like Don Ressler could do for his brand of online shopping websites is keep up with the trends. That is what he has done since the inception of JustFab and Fabletics. His ability to stay wired has allowed him to build an empire in the fashion world.

Don Ressler has been in the social media world long before there was a Twitter or Facebook. Don Ressler was one of the employees that worked at the early stages of the social media revolution. This was with Myspace. This company would fall into the abyss and never come out of the shadows of Facebook, but Don Ressler would learn valuable lessons at Myspace. He learned about how social trends could spread through online methods. He learned that communication by word of mouth through the Internet was much better than any other advertising menu on Ressler still stays wired with active social media accounts for both Fabletics and JustFab.

The thing that Ressler may be best known for is his ability to sort out the celebrities that can bring more people to his online clothing stores. Kate Hudson runs Fabletics, and she has a legion of fans that have seen her in movies. Kimora Lee has left JustFab to focus on her own clothing line, but she managed to bring forth a lot of urban audiences to recognize what JustFab was all about. Ressler was the man with the plan to connect with these celebrities. He knew that this was the fastest way to grow these companies.

The second fastest thing that he realizes is that social media is a dominant force that continues to help him make waves with online shopping. Fabletics has people tweeting out about the outfits. There are people that are interested in working out in this clothing and posting videos online. That is quality marketing that doesn’t cost Don Ressler anything.

That may be the third skill that has helped Don Ressler make as much as a billion dollars between Fabletics and JustFab. He has realized that operating costs can be greatly reduced when there is a strong social media buzz on Brandettes. There are also celebrities in place like Kate Hudson that can draw her own crowds and cut marketing costs. Ressler has become the type of person that has managed to stay informed about clothing trends and this has allowed him to become a fashion leader.

Advanced, Energy-Saving Lights

The lighting advances achieved in the last decade are revolutionizing the way that people light their business and home. Gooee Smart Lighting is the place to discover more about the new, innovative smart lighting that is rapidly replacing incandescent lighting. Certainly, the rapid popularity of smart lighting is due to the enormous benefits that are associated with this type of lighting. This type of lighting, optimizes lighting efficiency, which leads to a much lower usage of energy and lowers money expended on energy. This amounts to several hundred dollars savings for an average family, much more for a business.

Smart Lighting
Certainly, the main focus of smart lighting is the savings on energy. However, there are other benefits. Most people are familiar with the phrase “smart home.” Well, the smart home begins with smart lighting that has the ability to automate lighting with special timers, sensors, or networks. First, it is important to take a look at the type of smart lighting that is available for the home or business. Generally, the choices are between a system that might work independently or with a network. Smart lights are controlled with a hub or with a device. For example, a smart-phone, tablet, laptop, or even a desktop.

Selecting A Smart Lighting System
Selecting a smart lighting system should be an easy process for the homeowner. They want the easiest to control system. A system that is controlled by a smart-phone, tablet, or computer is the best option for the individual. Consult with Gooee Smart Lighting for more information.

Wengie’s No School Routine Hides Roots and Oily Locks In Stylish Way

We’ve all been there—oily AF hair and nasty roots all over your beautiful head. Well, YouTube’s super glam goddess Wengie has the simple, effective solutions that are a must-see.

Let’s tune in, ladies:

Wengie begins with her face, applying primer for that airbrushed look. Next, she puts on a matte foundation with a foundation brush to buff it out. Concealer is your BFF, because you can create amazing cheekbones and luminous features. Next, she takes a brow pencil to fill in those sparse areas to define shape. Wengie likes a brow mascara to tint brows and to keep the hairs up.

A sexy, subtle eye is next. Wengie applies a light base color all over lids and then follows with a cool contour along the crease into a slight wing. After, she adds a contour shade in the crease and blends out. She uses darkest contour shade to outer v. Then she highlights lids and brow bone and finally, applies cool contour shade along outer half of lower lash line.

A dark liquid pen liner elongates her cat-eye. She curls lashes and then adds her Tiny Minx fauxs. You can also pencil in lower faux lashes and define them with liner.

Wengie adds contour along the jaw and under cheekbones, etc., to create a slimmer face.

For lips, Wengie uses a pink liner and then lip gloss for a full effect.

For hair, use a boar brush to smooth out and dispense healthy oils. Wengie then sprays dry shampoo along roots and straightens her hair for fullness.

Wengie puts her hair behind the ears, leaving a little face-framing fringe in front. Toss on a cool baseball cap, and roots are gone!

For fashion, Wengie suggests a cropped black hoodie, high-waisted vintage-wash jeans, a choker and high-tops in gold.