Infrastructure Projects Specialist Felipe Montoro Jens Translation, Projects To Be Given in Second Half Of 2018

At the auction that was scheduled by the Federal Government in August, Felipe Montoro Jens reported that the majority of the government projects that have to be assigned to the private sector would be given in the second half of 2018. At this point, there are a total of 57 projects in line that involves a total investment of approximately R $44 Billion. These projects are assigned to 22 listed sectors by the Program of Partnerships and Investments.

An instance of these projects includes Congonhas airport auction in São Paulo and Galeão at Rio de Janeiro). Felipe Montoro Jens reported that at this point, the public company has 49% interest in the association that has concessions granted at these airport terminals. The Ministry of Transport stated that the bidding commences during the last three months of the current tenure of the Michel Temer Government.

Felipe Montoro Jens, a well-known specialist in the field of infrastructure projects, further elaborated, BR-153 which was the cause of the revoking of the previous concession of the Galvão Group. The BR-153 is also on the current list of grants offered by the government. Felipe Montoro Jens also stated that another auction would be scheduled for the last few months of 2018. During this auction another highway will be granted to the private sector, this would be known as the BR-364 which is a stretch of approximately 800 kilometers in length that falls in the area between Comodoro and Porto Velho. The auctions for a few port terminal concessions of Vila do Conde , Belém, Paranaguá along with Vitória will stay untouched.

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, specific companies such as Mint, Ceasaminas, Casemg might also be expected to sell, and the privatization of these firms that are owned by the state are scheduled for the same time in 2018. Moreira Franco, the General Of The Presidency, elaborated on the matter by stating that the sale of the Mint will help in the funding of creating passports in the country and this is due to the advancement of technology that the nation has noticed recently.

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George Soros Transitions Bulk Of Wealth Into Charity.

George Soros is, perhaps, one of the most well-known progressives in the entire world. Soros came into the public spotlight after earning a fortune as an investor playing financial markets, most famously shorting the British pound in the early ’90s. Since then, Soros has been not only successful as an investor but also as a philanthropist and a cultural hero for progressives everywhere. Born in Hungary, Soros’ long and interesting life led him to confront Nazis face-to-face before fleeing to London and eventually winding up in the United States. Now, Soros is making headlines once again but this time for making one of the most generous philanthropic donations of all time. Recent financial disclosure reports showed that George Soros has donated over $18 billion of his own personal fortune to charity over the last 20 or so months. Despite this massive and historic donation, he is still getting lambasted by members of the right-wing media. Let’s dig into why Soros is being so hated upon by conservative media as well as see just why he made such a massive donation, to begin with.

George Soros created the Open Society Foundations in the ’70s as an outlet for his own charitable giving. The Open Society Foundations, often shortened to the acronym OSF, was based on the Open Society principles espoused by writer Karl Popper. Soros learned much from Karl Popper’s passages while working two jobs in order to get through his education at the London School of Economics. Soros would hold these lessons dear and they would inform pretty much every decision he has made in the intervening years. The goal of the OSF has always been to put money into the hands of grassroots foundations that are willing to fight for progressive causes: transparent governance, freedom of expression, social justice, and equality. Since the OSF was established, the foundation has given nearly $18 billion to foundations around the planet. The recent influx of money will only help to establish the OSF for the foreseeable future.

We’ve established that the Open Society Foundations is a worthy cause, but we still haven’t figured out why it is being remarked as some sort of ‘progressive Death Star’ by the hyperbolic right wing media giants. The truth is, there has been an elaborate mission over the years to demonize philanthropy when done on behalf of progressive individuals. Right-wing media giants, such as the Murdoch empire which possesses Fox News among other outlets, have continually lobbied George Soros as some sort of evil progressive mastermind. Soros has been blamed for everything that the right has found uncomfortable: the Black Lives Matters protests, the anthem kneeling, and even the work of AntiFa. Of course, there is less than zero evidence that Soros has ever been involved in the machinations of anything like this, but he still gets reviled for it.

The goal of discredited George Soros is simple and the reasons are abundant. George Soros is not the typical progressive, he is a billionaire and he is willing to fight for what he believes in. As a result, Soros is a direct threat to conservative regime. With Soros’ recent donation, no amount of baseless demonization will stick.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd Wants To Give People More Than Just Dating

Have you ever come across the app, Bumble? The app has allowed for women to take charge of their love life by being the sole human that takes over. In a world that has men be the ones who decide who they date, this app gives women the chance to make that decision. This app allows women to choose who they want to speak with out of their matches. However, over the years, what’s interesting is the fact that this app was mostly known for this main concept, but they recently have tried to find ways to improve the app. Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted to make this more than just your typical dating app.

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It’s stressful sometimes witnessing an app only focus on dating, and others usually are scared to use it for possibly friends and other reasons. Whitney Wolfe Herd decided it was time to finally move the brand to a new level by creating new options. Today, there are two new options to swipe through people that don’t involve dating. If you genuinely want to make new friends, you can go to the friend option and only swipe through people who are only looking for platonic friends. These are great to join because of the fact Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted those who aren’t in need of dates to still utilize the app and find new ways to connect with people.

Then there are people who aren’t necessarily looking for friends or even dates but something even more platonic than that. With their Biz section, you can swipe through profiles of other businessmen and woman. If you are looking for a place to network, this is the way to do it. If you want to keep yourself relevant and maybe find a job, a new business partner, or somebody to invest in your ideas, this could all be done through the beauty of this part of Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is changing the game and providing people with what they want even if they aren’t looking for a way to find love. The app is changing the way we all operate in this industry. There are so many people who can get the chance to be introduced to the right people through these other avenues, and the best part is that you can use all three and get different experiences from all options. Download this app and get what you need today.

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Neurocore Helps With Psychology and Life

It is the new year, and with the new year comes a lot of new beginnings. For instance, a lot of people discover Neurocore as a company that is more effective in its treatments of mental disorders. For one thing, people who have depression and ADHD are able to get a lot of good treatment when they are put on the brain training therapy that the company offers. There are other things that Neurocore helps with. Neurocore also offers advice on what can be done in order to make life as best as possible for people. Read more about Neurocore at

Among the topics that are discussed on the blogs of Neurocore is making a new year’s resolution stick. The truth is that many people make new year’s resolutions only to break it sometime after new year’s day. There are plenty of things that cause people to break their resolutions. One of the most common factors is stress. Stress makes it harder for people to remember their resolutions, especially when it is positive. Stress does cause people to revert to older habits that are not as healthy. For different resolutions, Neurocore helps people solidify their new year’s resolution so that they will be easier to keep.


Among the steps that Neurocore lays out is for people to be specific in their resolutions. Afterwards, they have to establish the reason behind their resolution. When establishing their reason behind it, they have to make sure that they are honest with themselves. Afterwards, they have to outline a plan that is going to help them. Meanwhile, they have to leave a lot of room for missteps. One thing about new year’s resolutions is that they involve subtle changes to lifestyle which can be very tricky at first. However, once people get the hang of it, then they will be able to make a lot of progress. Follow Neurocore on

Glen Wakeman discusses benefits of social media presence

Glen Wakeman is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. He has become a strong supporter of up and coming CEO’s and those starting their own business. He has used his social media presence to provide insight and knowledge educating business owners on how to properly run a company successful. Glen Wakeman has amassed more than 20 years of management experience and is the founder of two companies that help business owners grow their companies and brands. Glen Wakeman also uses his personal blog to offer ideas and wisdom to his followers. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on Twitter.

Glen Wakeman has said that people are using social media as a way to reach clients and customers, but they don’t realize that social media platforms can be a resource and tool. With Twitter and Facebook being mobile, they can use the pair to spread brand awareness and market research. Social media can help business owners find the best products and pitches that will appeal directly to the consumer. Glen Wakeman has succeeding in staying relevant because of his ability to create revolutionary performance deliveries. He focuses on five major components including risk management, execution in business, governance, human capital, and leadership power. Learn more about Glen Wakeman at

Glen Wakeman is a devout blogger. Glen Wakeman posts about a variety of subjects including global financial issues, emerging markets, management and administration and strategy. Throughout his life, he has lived in six different countries. Throughout all his travels, he has been able to connect with different professionals, which has helped grow his influence.

Glen Wakeman attended the University of Scranton, where he studied economics and finance. He later graduated from the University of Chicago with a Master’s in Business Administration, with a focus in finance. Glen Wakeman’s first financial job was with GE Capital, which led to him holding a variety of positions. The financial community respects Glen Wakeman for his forward thinking, he’s always looking for the next big thing. This quality has inspired others. Glen Wakeman continues to provide sound business and financial advice to those who continue to seek him out. His work has been featured in a variety of financial publications.


Mighty Fortress Church Exemplifies a True Spiritual Retreat

When it comes to worshiping the mighty God whom you love dearly, you need to fellowship with fellow Christ-centered believers with whom you ought to be spiritually bonded. At Mighty Fortress Church, we afford you the opportunity to fellowship with us in our church based in Minneapolis, MN.

To us members of Mighty Fortress Church (also known as Mighty Fortress Church International and simply MFI), we can see how important God is to you. Sadly, many unreached people have rejected Jesus Christ’s love and His gift of “eternal life.” But not the children of God. You know only repentant sinners for whom our caring and loving Lord and Savior died on Calvary and shed His precious blood are God’s chosen ones who can be saved. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

God loves you.

Each day, you have been faced with many trials and tribulations, your faith have been constantly tested, but at least your unwavering faith remains very strong. Most important, you have been saved for a reason… God loves you.


Here are Frequently Asked Question about MFI:

Why makes MFI a unique place Christian fellowship?Am I welcomed to come as I am?What can one expect from God’s life-changing word?How focused is the worship services on God?Are bizarre rituals are performed during services?

  • Why makes MFI a unique place Christian fellowship? We provide Christians in which they experience God and His life-changing word.
  • Am I welcomed to come as I am? The answer is a resounding “YES!”
  • What can one expect from God’s life-changing word? Because the Word of God is essential to a Christian’s spiritual life, we would like to share His word with you at MFI.
  • How focused is the worship services on God? Every believer in Christ is encouraged to freely express his or her gratitude toward God.
  • Are bizarre rituals are performed during services? Absolutely not! Because we know worshiping can be spiritually rewarding and we can see how important Jesus is to us, we avoid the use of meaningless rituals during worship services.

Who is Bishop Thomas Williams?

Bishop Thomas Williams, the Overseer and Senior Pastor of Mighty Fortress Church, welcomes you in the name of Jesus to this body of believers here in Minneapolis.

For this age, Bishop Williams exemplifies the powerful apostolic and prophetic voice after which many Christians have seek.

To find out how Mighty Fortress Church can be a tremendous blessing to you and keep you connected with Jesus Christ our haven of rest, we cordially invite you to fellowship with us. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

Organo Is The New Coffee Romance

Before you reach for a cup of coffee, consider this: Organo premium coffee is enriched with Ganoderma Lucidum, a medicinal Asian fungi, applauded in China for its properties. The mushroom has been studied for more than 30 years, and is considered an adaptogenic food that decreases cortisol in the body. Adaptogens are active ingredients found in plants and fungi that work together to energize the body, to harmonize the cooperation of its organs, to support its immune and nervous system, and to counteract the damaging effects of stress. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

One of the reasons Ganoderma Lucidum has remained so popular in Asia is because the fungi is said to strengthen the body’s defenses, and provide the body with a variety of bio-active agents that fight against a host of diseases. Organo founder, Bernardo Chua, could see that coffee alone was good for the body, however, the drink was shortsighted. Ganoderma Lucidum was the perfect accompaniment for the world’s favorite drink. Creating a quality drink for health conscious coffee lovers made perfect sense. The cost of Organo Gold is a bit higher than the average cup-of-joe, but coffee lovers don’t mind, and the beverages have won over the public to the tune of a multi-million dollar profit. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Raising The Bar

The company is run by founder, Bernardo Chua and headquartered in British Columbia. With more than 50 worldwide locations, and hundreds of independent distributors, Organo has raised the bar for the world’s favorite drink.

The newest centerpiece for Organo Gold is their new Android mobile app, now featured on Google Play. Organo launched the free app to provide distributors with easier access to information about orders, commissions, and updated news and product information.

With a growing product line that includes coffee, teas, latte, cocoa, and personal care products, Organo continues to a leading innovator of specialty coffee.


Betsy Devos – on topic article

Making a Difference: Philanthropy in Motion

Betsy DeVos, one of the great reformers of our time, has led and participated in party organizations, campaigns and political action committees. In addition, she served for six years as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. During her time at Calvin College, she undertook part of her vocation and participated in politics actively during this time.



Reform: A Family Characteristic

We have seen this willingness to reform as a family characteristic. In fact, Dick DeVos, Betsy’s husband, ran for public office as the Governor of Michigan in 2006. Both in business and in politics, the DeVoses seek out the most innovative solutions to resolve difficult social problems. Betsy works as the chairman of the Windquest Group, which is a multi-company operating group, and they invest in technology. In 1989, Betsy founded the firm with her husband Dick DeVos, who was also the previous president of Amway. Another noteworthy fact is how Dick DeVos used to be the former president of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise.



Pushing Reform Where It Countslt

Mrs. DeVos doesn’t shrug away from the big problems. In fact, she has actively pursued reform in a wide variety of non-profit roles. She resides as the chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. In fact, they have given away more than $94 million in 2014 alone. Why do they give away so much money? The giving primarily goes to West Michigan, and sometimes the giving has been influenced by some of the DeVos passions. For example, in 2014, 48 percent was given to education, 27 percent to health and community services, 13 percent to churches and 12 percent was given over to the arts and culture. DeVos’s have sponsored education in the community especially because they believe it leads to a higher quality of life.


Mrs. DeVos says she has never felt more optimistic about her role in the schools today. She says she has helped with 250,000 students from 33 different publicly funded and private-choice schools. This continued movement keeps accelerating in its growth, and in fact, the program grew 40,000 students in the last year alone. Educational choice has enormous popularity. In particular, the Latino group loves it. Unfortunately, the traditional public school has begun to crash and burn and Mrs. DeVos has made a laborious push at reform and making things much better than they were before. Some of the reforms include tax credits, vouchers and education savings accounts. Learn more:

How Dr. Mark McKenna Is Making Botox Available For All

Thanks to Dr. Mark McKenna, getting botox and other cosmetic treatments will soon be easier than ever. He is the founder of OVME. OVME has been compared to the Uber of the cosmetic world.

It is truly a remarkable idea. Think about it. If you want an Uber, you can check into the app and an independent contractor who works for Uber will show up to take you. If you want to rent a car, you can do the same thing. This kind of sharing model exists for many industries, but not for the cosmetic industry. Dr. Mark McKenna and OVME are changing that.

Dr. Mark McKenna wants everyone to be able to use the OVME app to order a botox injection or whatever else they need in terms of cosmetic procedures. Then, someone who is freelancing and wants to make money and who has the required certifications will show up at their door. This will create a revolution in cosmetic industry. Botox will become widely accessible to everyone who wants it, unlike the way it is now.

Dr. Mark McKenna studied at Tulane Medical School. During his time as a medical student, he started investing in real estate. He moonlighted at prisons as a doctor and earned fifty dollars an hour. He used all of that money to invest in real estate. He built a real estate empire, but he lost all of it during Hurricane Katrina. He liquidated it and took the money to invest in a wellness center in Georgia. It became very successful. He eventually sold ShapeMed for a lot of money. He is a noted entrepreneur who works hard and gets up early every morning to do his work. He is a member of Entrepreneurs Organization. He moved to Atlanta in order to be with his girlfriend.

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Prime Time for Lime Crime

The cosmetic company Lime Crime has come to a decision to launch their product in Beijing, China as a response to how well the brand is taking off in the U.S.

Global General Manager for LimeCrime, Kim Walls, had discussed the topic at a conference in Los Angeles at the National Retail Federations shop.Org. Walls discussed how, based on her previous experience, selling the product in any other way may not be ideal for the interest of the company.

One of the bumps in the road that had come up was around Animal Testing. Since Lime Crime is a Vegan cosmetic brand, they would not be testing any of their products on animals. If the products were to be sold Wholesale, it was mandated the the product must be tested on animals. This could be avoided, but only if the products were directly shipped from the U.S.

Shipping to the consumers in China in this way could also result in logistic problems via transportation, as well as tax and duty management issues and international returns and inquiries being written in a foreign language which could cause more issues. These barriers were created by the growing problem with counterfeits of one of the products produced by the company last year. According to Walls, there had been over a million counterfeit units of their Lip Toppers being sold through multiple Chinese Marketplaces.

After making the decision to partner with an L.A based E-commerce fashion platform known as Revolve, Lime Crime had found it’s solution for when they launched their products into China this year. Revolve really stood out to Walls, by servicing a similar consumer from the same prospective.

Lime Crime built a small seeded audience by encouraging people who arrived at their social feeds, and their company’s website, to visit Revolve’s E-commerce services.

Walls added that it was critical to have someone speak on Lime Crime’s behalf. She believed it would generate content with Lime Crime products, and have it fit within their own brand.