Cross-Platform Title ‘Monster Hunter World’ Proves a Success for Capcom

While planned for a PC release later this year, leading Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu claims that “Monster Hunter World” has already sold 1.35 million physical units within Japan. When one looks beyond the game’s sales figures in Japan and also considers the digital market place, it seems the title has exceeded two million units.

Monster Hunter is a title that has primarily been a go-to title on handheld gaming devices like the PSP and 3DS. Despite this, the title has seemingly sold more than two million units in a country that only owns six million PS4s; Monster Hunter World is a title found on one-third of every Japanese PS4 and an unknown number of Xbox One consoles. Monster Hunter World’s success also makes it the best-selling PS4 title in Japan.

Citation of Japan’s sales figures matters when discussing the title’s overall appeal; the intention of a global launch on a home console was perceived as a blow to Japanese sales figures and causing analysts to assess the sales figures of non-Japanese markets where the Monster Hunter series has sold far less. Despite these worries, Monster Hunter World has only received a glowing review across the world; Capcom made a recent announcement that it had shipped five million units across the planet. More cautious analysts will note that Capcom’s figures are for units shipped rather than units sold, muddying the waters of just how many PS4 and Xbox One owners actually have a copy and how many copies are sitting on store shelves.

Regardless of the exact numbers, Monster Hunter World seems to have been a success on a global scale hurt in no part by Capcom’s intention to simultaneously launch in all regions. Hopefully Capcom’s decision will convince other Japanese gaming companies to eschew their typically domestic focus on marketing.

EA Moves Back Release Date of Anthem to 2019

After much speculation, Electronic Arts has officially confirmed to be moving back the release date of the new BioWare-developed RPG Anthem from fall of 2018 to sometime in 2019.

First announced at E3 2017, EA presented a gameplay trailer of a new gaming property, marketed as multiplayer action-RPG in similar fashion to Bungie and Activision’s Destiny franchise. From what information is available, players will seemingly be able to interact with each other in an open world environment filled with various alien creatures, collecting equipment and rewards through a randomized drop system.

No concrete reason has been given yet as to why Anthem has been delayed, though EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen claims that “it’s not a delay” despite having the release date moved back. Jorgensen has so far mentioned that the company hopes to give Anthem more time to gain attention as a new franchise, as well as give developers a chance to develop the game’s story. He also claims that, contrary to a Kotaku report released recently, the game’s development is not behind schedule.

It is also possible EA has chosen to delay the release of Anthem due to the massive loot box controversy the company found itself in following the release of Star Wars Battlefront II, fearing that the blowback could negatively impact the sales of a new title. Instead, EA will be releasing a new, so far unnamed entry in its Battlefield series of games.

Overall, this will likely be a beneficial decision that might help Anthem succeed. With the fall season being a popular release time for many AAA game publishers, EA could find more success for a new property at a later date. This strategy also avoids the same pitfall the company fell into with the Titanfall 2 release which, while better received than its predecessor, did not sell quite as well due to major competition from other studios and EA itself with the release of Battlefield 1 in close proximity.

Agora Financial Takes the Lead in Financial Literature

Agora Financial has editors like Louis Basenese, Rich Jacobs, Amanda Stiltner and Nilus Mattive that have extension known with things like retirement strategies, reinvesting dividends and cryptocurrencies. The investment market is filled with a wide range of possibilities when it comes to investing, and people that want to experience long-term success will keep in mind that the best success is based on knowledge. When you have the financial literacy in place to make the right decisions if it becomes much easier to create a solid investment portfolio. Agora Financial is leading the way to a better financial future by providing stellar personalized trading strategies.

This is a company that has been able to grow in a tremendous way by giving people sound advice on what they should look for when it comes to trade options and commodities. Having a tremendous amount of investment knowledge is always going to be relevant to how well your portfolio performs. If you are seeing a lag in the performance of your portfolio there is a good chance that you are not making wise investment decisions. This is why it is so important to get with companies like Agora Financial. These are the companies that are making it easy for people to build a better portfolio with the information that they gain. The investment world is something that changes every day for investors. There are more companies that are coming into place, and people that are investing want to know if these companies are worth their time.

In most cases it is going to fall on the investor to do the research. There are some times where people may have a hunch about a company and they can put money into it and leave things on autopilot. In rare cases like this investments early on for Google and Facebook this was a great payoff. The reality, however, is that it is not always the simple to gauge if a company is going to do well.The good thing that people will see about getting information from Agora Financial is that a lot there is a ton of experience from the experts that have been following certain companies or industries for years. They know about the things that are going on inside the inner circles. They have become comfortable enough to provide information to others because they know how these companies are performing in the long-term.

How To Score Deals On Gaming PCs

Building gaming PCs used to make a lot of sense. You could customize a computer desktop to fit the specs required to play any games you wanted to play. Creating your own PC was also cheaper than buying a ready-made desktop that was designed for gaming.

Unfortunately, building a custom gaming PC is no longer economical. This is because the components used to make a gaming PC are extremely overpriced. It now makes more sense to buy a pre-made PC by one of the big manufacturers such as Dell, Lenovo or HP.

You may be thinking to yourself, how much money will I save by buying a pre-built gaming PC? The answer to that question is hundreds of dollars. Yes, it may seem strange, but building your own custom PC is now more expensive thanks to the outrageous prices for graphics cards and RAM right now.

If you are a gamer looking to score a deal, then these five pre-built PCs can really save you a lot of money. All of them will get the job done for gaming. They will also show graphics at the high to ultra quality. The less expensive ones will have reduced quality but a lower price and more portability. Here they are.

The Dell Inspiron 5680 is a PC that is built for gaming. It is also ready for virtual reality if you want to try that. At only $800 you will get everything you need to play video games at 1080P and enter the virtual reality realm. Performance is excellent and the system is upgradable in the future too to boot.

If you are looking for portability, then you cannot beat the Alienware Alpha R2. It is so small and slim that it is smaller than a gaming console! While it is not as powerful as the other gaming computers, it will still get the job done.

The Cost Of The Mining Boom

If it isn’t clear by now, the day of cryptocurrency is upon us. Despite a bumpy start to 2018, ‘miners’ all over the world are still building rigs with the industry-leading desktop GPUs. No one could have predicted the crisis that cryptocurrency would cause for PC gaming.

As gamers will know, keeping a gaming desktop up-to-date requires regular upgrades in the form of solid-state drives, processors and, perhaps most importantly, video cards. Unfortunately, video cards are the main source of power for mining rigs to complete their equations and generate currency over time.

The popularity of cryptocurrency mining has risen the demand for top-level and mid-level graphics cards through the roof. Those gamers looking to purchase their cards for the legitimate purpose — gaming — are the ones paying the price. In some cases, major retailers are getting away with charging more than double the suggested retail price for cards of all varieties.

It will be interesting to see how card manufacturers react to the growing shortage. They’ve already implored retailers to limit miners from buying several cards in one visit, but the numbers don’t lie: Micro Center and similar retailers have no incentive to make any change at all. In fact, doing so would be a deliberate assault on their bottom lines. Any regulations set against mining-specific purchases must be put into play by NVIDIA and AMD.

At large, the worst possible outcome would be a premature ending of the current PC gaming ‘golden age’ we’ve enjoyed for the past two years. Unreasonable prices could send gamers right back to consoles. Though not even as powerful as mid-level gaming PCs, consoles come with the benefit of staying at a consistent price.

The Future Of Sea Of Thieves?

This morning marked the end of the Sea of Thieves closed beta. The week players spent with the game saw its fair share of bugs and server crashes, but it’s hard not to feel the beta was a massive success. At one point, the game had over 250,000 viewers on Twitch.

The question now is how much additional content the game’s full release will feature. Despite the technical marvel Sea of Thieves already is, some players felt the beta was a bit light on content. Aside from invigorating PvP battles against other crews, the beta only featured quests that send you off to collect hidden treasure on the game’s various islands.

Rare has promised all kinds of content upon the game’s full release, but, for better or worse, the final game will play out a lot like the beta already has. The main draw of Sea of Thieves is the way its rugged sandbox nature that promotes an entirely different play session every time you log in. No two voyages will feel the same.

Still, the game’s public first impression brought in a number of naysayers. Some people are saying that despite how much fun Sea of Thieves can be, it may have trouble building a solid player base. The main reason? The game is much more fun with three of your friends. In fact, playing alone puts you at a severe disadvantage.

Whether you were a fan of the Sea of Thieves closed beta or not, the game’s release date of March 20th is a day to keep an eye on. As other sandbox games have done before it, this is a title that could explode into the next big thing. Depending on how Rare navigates their pre-launch situation, Microsoft may finally have its next big exclusive.

Eric Lefkofsky Co-Founds Tempus To Further Improve Cancer Treatments

Eric Lefkofsky has personally seen the effects of cancer and at the time he was incredibly shocked by the lack of technology and information available to doctors for creating treatments. This is what spawned the idea for Eric to start up the company Tempus, which will focus on genomic and molecular sequencing, pulling data from all around the world into a single database. As a huge business success already through the likes of Echo Logistics and Groupon, Eric has experience in the field of business acting on his entrepreneurial ideas. Eric’s background in technology was perfect in wake of seeing the state of cancer treatments as he knew there was a better way for doctors to get their information and form treatments.

One of the biggest challenges facing Tempus today is putting some context behind that massive and raw amounts of unorganized data that is being gathered. Such a large amount of data will be impractical to go through by hand. Tempus will use the latest software for learning and compile data using algorithms. Through Tempus, doctors will be able to gather more precise information to create more personalized treatments and patients profiles for their patients.

There are other companies out there that gather data as well, but they do not operate on the scale that Tempus is attempting to do. Tempus aims to bring physicians worldwide genomic and molecular data they can use readily. With the latest round of fundraising amounting to more than 70 million dollars for Tempus, things are still looking up for the company and its mission to provide more accurate cancer treatments to patients afflicted.

Eric’s personal beliefs and his capabilities in business and technology has allowed him to stay focused and keep Tempus aligned with his business practices. Eric wants to use his success and technological insight to help solve real problems in the world. According to Eric, it is his personal philosophies and his ability to adapt business strategies that make him such a success in business today.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Social Media:

Bob Reina Gears up For Huge 2018 with Live Meetings Application.

We have been watching Talk Fusion for quite some time now as they’ve helped to innovate and invigorate the video marketing field. Talk Fusion is a direct-selling and video marketing company that has long been bridging the gap between consumers and companies who are trying to get their message out into the world in an effective way. Part of what makes Talk Fusion so successful is the work done by Bob Reina, the founder, and CEO of the company. Reina is typically at the front of the line when it comes to announcing new projects and he made headlines recently when Talk Fusion announced their newest piece of marketing software, Live Meetings.


Live Meetings is the latest entrant into the Talk Fusion marketing suite but it no doubt will quickly become their most popular tool. Live Meetings is a video conferencing application that is built on WebRTC Technology. The goal of the application is to facilitate one-way video from up to 15 hosts at a time to a viewership that reaches up to 500 people. Live Meetings may sound like any other video chat application but the bones of what it is built on is far more impressive than your run of the mill software.


WebRTC Technology is the difference maker between Live Meetings and any other video marketing software you might run into. The first thing you’ll notice is that video on Live Meetings is smooth and crisp while the audio is clear and vibrant. This is part of the WebRTC difference. Further, WebRTC Technology allows companies to supply their viewers with an easy to access room without the need to download any software or install any plugins. All a company has to do is create their Live Meeting, get the URL address of the chatroom, and hand it out. Once doled out, the Live Meeting room is available on every major platform and every major piece of technology. There will be no fighting through technological hiccups in order to actually access the chatroom. Learn more:


While Live Meetings is currently dominating the Talk Fusion news cycle, it is far from their only effective tool on the market. Last year, Talk Fusion saw major success with another WebRTC application: Video Chat. The Video Chat application allowed for user-to-user video interfacing across platforms with an easy to use UI and smooth data transfer. The application, like Live Meetings will likely do, also won a coveted WebRTC award.


PC Gaming 2017 Year in Reviews

Global PC shipments have been declining according to Garnter, for a fifth year, which means it is a 3.7% year-to-year drop for the fourth quarter of 2016. The consistent decline is happening despite laptop makers who are working to make hardware improvements like battery life. Laptops now have better battery life. There is a clear drop in numbers, but four of the six lead manufacturers saw an increase, manufacturers such as Lenovo or HP, maintaining first and second spots. Dell and Apple also increased their profits, since Apple updated it’s MacBook Pro line for the first time in years. Asus and Acer meanwhile, both happened on notable declines seeing an 18.8 percent drop.

But in the U.S. we see numbers such as a drop with Asus of 48.3%, although in the others category, it was an 18.8 % drop. PC Gaming however, has made a comeback in 2017 if these numbers were from 2016. Popularity results from e-sports, custom built laptops, and faster software releases.<The best PC games of the year are Divinity, Original Sin 2. The Best Expansion winner was XCOM 2 War of the Chosen, the Best Strategy Game was Total War, Warhammer 2. The Best Platformer was Hollow Knight along with the best Breakout Game, which is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The Best Setting winner was Tacoma, The Best Co-Op Game is Destiny 2. The Best Comedy Game was West Of Loathing. The Best Story was What Remains of Edith Finch, and finally, the best action game was Nier: Automata. This year PCs have gotten faster, which makes playing computer games easier. If you want gaming desktops, you will see pricing differences, the top computer for gaming is Alienware Aurora R6.

Barbara Stokes Brings New Opportunities With FEMA Contract

The disaster relief construction contractor known as Green Structure Homes Delivered of Huntsville, Alabama was recently awarded a large FEMA contract. This year saw a huge number of natural disasters, and subsequently the need for large amounts of emergency disaster housing in as short a time frame as possible. GSH of Alabama, under Barbara Stokes direction was created to provide precisely that, durable, safe, environmentally friendly homes that can be erected quickly for habitation in disaster zones. Read this article at

The FEMA contract gave GSH one of its biggest orders for the types of buildings that they create, in the amount of a contract paying more than twenty five million dollars. Because the housing is emergency housing, the order is meant to be filled as soon as possible, and in this case in the early months of the new year. The company is confident it can not only fill the order, but do so in a capable and efficient manner with the highest level of standards.


Newcomer to the business, Barbara Stokes, brings the highest level of leadership in her role as CEO. Having worked in the industry for years, and familiar with the worlds of engineering and technology, Barbara Stokes has brought the new company a level of industry that will create further prosperity. By leading the way with new innovations, improvements and modifications to the existing models, GSH has made itself desirable for entities wishing to purchase their products. Further improvements, such as the complete control and follow through of the units, from production to delivery, means that the busy organizations purchasing the products have less to worry about when they work with the company.

Green Structure Homes Delivered is well on the way of establishing itself as a leader in the niche building industry, providing emergency services with a complete solution to their housing needs. Read more about Barbara Stokes at