Protecting Online Reputations With Status Labs

There is only one person to call when someone is facing a crisis regarding their digital reputation. Darius Fisher is the co-founder and the president of Status Labs. Status Labs is an online reputation management firm. In addition to online reputation management, Status Labs also specializes in public relations and digital marketing. Status Labs is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Status Labs launched four years ago. Status Labs has a staff of 30 and currently have offices in New York and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The startup company has 1,500 clients in over 35 countries. Status Labs helps these clients by cleaning up their search results, which enables these clients to grow their sales and their public relations and digital marketing strategies. Fisher’s success in his business is a testament to his knowledge of the industry. He used the same reputation management tactics in other situations that were close to him and his team.

The once political consultant and copywriter is now a digital crisis expert. Darius Fisher provides second chances to many high profiled people including politicians, public figures and executives. Darius Fisher repairs their online digital presence. Darius Fisher helps them with social media and their google search results. Darius Fisher believes that they biggest mistake his clients make is lack of preparation. He thinks that his clients don’t take the necessary steps to ensure that their online search results are favorable.

Darius Fisher changes search results on google by creating new online content that will reach the first page of the results. The content must be relevant and fresh. Content can be social media profiles, websites, press releases, video content and articles. Darius Fisher went to Vanderbilt University and received a BA in Economics. Darius started companies and worked in companies that generated revenue that totals over $20 million.

Darius Fisher is mostly known as being an entrepreneur and a business consultant. Darius Fisher states that him and his company Status Labs has a code of morals that doesn’t allow them to take certain cases. If he feels that the individual has actually committed anything that is online, the company will reject them as a client. Darius and his company help clients by highlighting the achievements of the clients and anything else that is positive about them.

Beneful, From Table to Pet Bowl.

Purina tests for over 150 substances in their dog food including lead, arsenic and mycotoxins. This is part of Nestle Purina PetCare’s food safety and surveillance program. However, this standard of safety extends past Purina to the suppliers they get their ingredients from. Beneful brand dog food’s ingredients come from the same place where Americans get their food from. This is important in a culture that appreciates the value of food when it concerns our own bodies and our pets. The majority of Americans believe that what they put on their own dining room table should also be in their pets bowls. The whole foods we place on our plates like lamb, salmon, chicken, and vegetables also end up in our pets bowls. Beneful takes it one step further by adding nutrients that pets need to live a long and healthy life. Purina realizes that not all dogs need the same kind of nutrition. So Purina introduced a wide variety of Beneful dog food made with quality whole foods. The consumer can now choose what nutrition is best for their pet. Purina has made sure its customers have easy access to their pets nutritional needs. The Beneful brand on Amazon is inside nearly 15,000 different stores across the U.S. This is important since dog food is a $23.7 billion dollar industry according to yahoo finance in the U.S. In 2010 Nestle Purina PetCare won the Malcom Baldringe National Quality Award. The company also gives back to the community and its employees. In 2003 the company donated 80 tons of Beneful to pets affected by the hurricanes in Florida. In addition to that donation the company donated $100,000 to local animal shelters. Purina takes a holistic approach to its Beneful brand of dog food, but this approach is not only taken with American pets. Nestle Purina PetCare encourages employees to bring their dogs to work. Happy pets and employees promote well-being and long-term success of the company. Beneful is the most popular brand that Nestle Purina PetCare sells.

Even Ceos Get in Trouble with Inappropriate Social Media Posts

Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite, might have been attempting to put a positive spin on his need, a few days before, to fire 65 of his employees. He posted a picture of his hand holding a liquor glass on Instagram with a caption that read, “Cheers to my homies.” The backlash it caused may have been unexpected. Many former employees that had just been sacked were not amused, to say the least.

By the time the posting was deleted, neither Holmes nor the company had made any statement to the public. The affect in reach, globally, may bring very negative consequences, even in other areas of the world. The company laid off people in their domestic offices in Boston and San Francisco, but also Vancouver Canada, and the effect rippling through all the interconnections of business may be most felt most because of those laid off in their offices in Singapore.

There is a certain amount of resignation people usually come to feel about layoffs. But people laid off are not going to generate much of a sense of humor along with their hangman about being laid off. Now, that is not what the CEO meant by the image. It was more of a cry for help to his remaining friends as he was actually deeply hurting, because of the need to layoff good people that he respected.

People can leave any kind of feedback on any issue, anonymously. Thus the need for Public Relations (PR) management companies, Status Labs for instance. They are expert professionals in helping anyone whose reputation has been compromised, back on track with a true 2nd chance in their careers and in their lives. Status Labs uses a wise, multi-faceted, and scientific approach.

Helping you recover a lost reputation is what Status Labs is all about, whether from an online web post or because of events in real life. They have a team with a combined expertise that includes deep knowledge of online SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which enables them to change something negative, that people see when they search your name, into something quite positive.

George Soros comprehensive plan for the Syrian asylum

via Marketwatch


Hedge fund billionaire and business mogul George Soros is one of the people who is not happy with the current refugee asylum situation in Europe. Many of the refugees seeking asylum in some of the member countries of the EU are being locked out or subjected to inhuman conditions. Being the philanthropist that he is, he is always vocal on matters concerning human rights. Knowing all too well that the war situation can affect any country, he has been on the fore front in offering a lasting solution to the crisis at hand. He feels that the member countries of the European Union are doing very little to remedy the solution. It’s not that the countries are not doing anything. However, a good plan will go a long way in offering a solution to the current problem. The problem can be easily mitigated, but some countries are selfish in the dealings and are reluctant to provide any assistance to the countries that have been heavily affected by the crisis.


As a solution, he has come up with a comprehensive step by step plan of how the situation can be remedied. The components of the solution include:


The EU as to allow at least one million refugees now and in future. The member countries must also agree to share the burden fairly as per the EU formation agreement. The EU should offer adequately fiancé the refugees they give asylum until they can stand on their own feet. This can be done by giving them around $16800 annually. The money can be used to take care of their bills like housing, education and healthcare. The funding can be advanced from the EUs unused AAA borrowing capacity. The countries should also give asylum to refugees to the countries the refugees themselves want and feel accepted. This way the process will be less costly to the members involved.


Secondly, there are so many internal refugees in Jordan add turkey. These refugees need funding and as part of the help, the EU should offer assistance to such refugees as helping them would consequently reduce the number of the refugees that would find their way into the EU countries. Such assistance would not only present a very cheap alternative but would, in the long run, offer lasting solution to the crisis.


Another area that the EU should look into when it comes to financing is the North African region. The area also contributes a lot to all the refugees and individuals seeking asylum to European countries, especially to Spain. Assistance to these countries according to George Soros does not need to directly financial. However, by creating commercial zones that involve trade will not only increase job opportunities to people in these regions but will also attract investors. Consequently, both the locals and the refugees in the areas will have a decent living, and consequently, the issue of seeking asylum will have been solved. A commitment of at least 8 -10 billion euros annually will sufficiently cover all those expenses and offer a final solution for those seeking asylum in Europe.


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Hedge Fund Giant Soros Bankrolls Fight Against Voter Restrictions

As the 2016 election approaches, Democrats are targeting laws in Republican-run states which restrict voter registration and ballot box access. Philanthropist and stalwart Democratic supporter George Soros is funding the fight by donating $5 million.

Lawyers handling the voter restriction cases are focusing on voter identification requirements they say are too difficult for many voters to obtain, time restrictions that make it harder to vote on days other than Election Day, and votes being tossed out because the voter showed up at the wrong polling place. States have added these rules since 2010. According to Marc Elias, an attorney involved in these cases, Republican states are ready to enact more of these laws before the presidential election in November, 2016.

“We hope to see these unfair laws which disproportionately affect the most vulnerable in our society, repealed,” Soros has said, and that he is “proud” to be part of the effort.

According to the New York Times, a study by the Government Accounting Office (GAO) done in October 2014 showed that states which had enacted more restrictive voter identification laws had a greater decline in turnout than other states. Republicans claim the new laws protect against voter fraud, and say the Democrats simply want more minority voters.

Michael Vachon, Soros’s political adviser, Michael Vachon, remarked that “it is disingenuous to suggest that these laws are meant to protect against voter fraud, which is really nonexistent – clearly, they are meant to give Republicans a political advantage on Election Day.”

A case in point is a legal challenge to a law passed in North Carolina which did away with a teenager’s ability to quickly register to vote by completion of a form. The effort has been joined by the Justice Department, the American Civil Liberties Union and the NAACP. They maintain that the law is in violation of the 26th Amendment of the Constitution which lowered the voting age to 18.

Soros first got involved in politics when he funded a get-out-the-vote effort in 2004 to defeat President George W. Bush. During the 1990s, according to Forbes, he funded drives to legalize drugs, reform immigration, and improve end-of-life care. He has given numerous lectures and has written widely on political freedom, education and human rights.

Read more by and about George Soros on Project Syndicate.

Handy’s Brand Spanking New Tipping Feature

Handy is one of the most popular mobile applications of its type. People from all over the world have come together to use Handy to make searching for people to clean their homes a lot easier. It has been difficult to find home cleaners because people have had to look through old phone books and various newspapers to find someone to clean their home. Handy has revolutionized this process by allowing home owners to browse a free mobile app to find cleaners, maids, handymen, and other home service professionals.

Software developers who work for Handy have recently included a tipping feature that allows customers to leave a tip with their credit or debit card, rather than having to leave one in person. In the past, when companies and applications similar to Handy have included ingrained tipping features, customers and clients tip far more often than they would without the reminder and ability to tip.

Many people have trouble tipping their cleaner after they come home and see how well of a job that cleaner did. Most cleaning work gets done while the owner is out of the home, at work or with their kids, so whenever the home owner comes back, they are not able to tip them cash. Home cleaning professionals are expected to be happier with Handy’s performance because they will be able to be tipped more often.

Clients and customers alike do not have to pay anything at all for using Handy. The app is free, and booking a cleaner is free, except for the money the cleaner earns. The money that the customer pays Handy to pay the cleaner once the job is complete is subject to a roughly twenty percent fee for using Handy’s listings to list their cleaning services.

Handy has its official headquarters in New York City. Handy also has more than around ten thousand people who complete at least one job a month. Most of the people that work on Handy only earn a little bit of money, but there are some home cleaning service professionals that use Handy to make a living.

The Core of Adam sender’s Art Investment Thesis

Adam Sender is not one of the world’s greatest investors for nothing. As his time as an investor has been short, he has proven to be quite profitable and successful over the years with a series of exciting ventures that has catapulted his hedge fund to one that has attracted thousands of investors who have each invested multiple millions dollars into his billion dollar fund. His affinity for making businesses vastly successful is something that is as magical to watch as it is powerful, for he has taken a front seat as not only a leader in the world of hedge fund investing, but in art as well.

He began his illustrious art career in 1999 when he invested $100,000 in a photograph that was expected to sell for a little under a few thousand dollars. This is when he persuaded a world filled with art critics and experts who all found themselves gravitating towards discovering his reasoning behind such an outrageous purchase. Why was he so willing to spend such a large amount of money on an unknown artist, and a photograph no less? This photograph made him more popular in the world of art investors than his hedge fund made him.

A lot of people think that it was sheer luck that allowed him to make a profit of over $1.9 million when he sold his $100,000 photograph, yet, it was his desire to invest in beauty that led his decision to purchase the painting that ultimately led to its sale of over $2 million.

Volatility is one of the healthiest elements in the world of investing. Say a company like Google makes a very strong change in direction and this change could eventually either kill the company or make them three or four times as powerful as they are today. The volatile nature of the investment that Google ventures into will cause lots of their investors to run in the opposite direction, while a smart investor would actually invest in Google and their new venture. If Google were to succeed greatly, then everyone would throw their money back into the market, raising the value of your investment into the company, while if they were to fail, you only fail one time. You can only lose your money when you are investing once, yet, with a volatile investment you stand to earn your money back 200 times because the volatile nature of their organization, while dangerous, also means that they are probably investing in something that no one has ever invested in, or doing something that no one else has done, essentially cornering a market that is very necessary and they will probably be one of the only with the ability to cash in.

Using Cyphercloud For Cloud Storage Encryption

Everyone seems to be using cloud storage these days to back up their important information, due to the fact that every hard drive will fail at some point or have other risk of being compromised somehow. Although it seems like a perfect solution at first there are still a few more matters of concern when it comes to keeping your information safe to consider. Truth is, most cloud storage users do not actually know where their information is being stored, or who truly has the ability to access it in the event of it being stolen. The answer to this problem is encryption. Even though most all cloud storage services encrypt their sites, there is still the risk of a breach in security in some extreme cases.

One of the leaders in combating this risk is Cyphercloud. What they do is act sort of like a middleman for your information before it reaches the cloud for storage. They use a carefully-crafted system of encryption that makes it impossible for information to be read or used in the event that the cloud storage service is compromised by thieves. Even if you trust your cloud storage provider, the extra level of protection that encryption provides before uploading is a comfort for many company clients. Many customers value being able to rest easy knowing that their personal information will be safe when choosing a company and their services or products. In the information age, privacy holds more worth than it ever has.

Another great feature that Cyphercloud provides with their system is the ability to still use information freely as you would if it were not encrypted. This means that you can access your own files on your own computers and other devices at will, without having to break through the encryption yourself. In other words, Cyphercloud translates your data for you so that it is still usable when it is needed. Many cloud storage users also have their own software that pulls information from clouds as part of its configuration. No longer will the troublesome wait of having information inaccessible be a problem for the software your company relies on to run smoothly on a daily basis.

Many industry fields are relying heavily on the encryption service that Cyphercloud has made available. Everything from the medical field to product purchases where customers demand anonymity can benefit from this level of privacy. Given that there are many types of packages, depending on the amount of data that needs to be encrypted and the level of encryption, every specific need can be properly taken care of. No longer does anyone have to worry about what happens to their data once it has ascended into the virtual clouds.

Recent Expo Shows The New York Real Estate Market Is Better Than Ever

The New York real estate market is performing better than it ever has before. Analysts in the city are marveling at the strong numbers real estate developers are showing, and TOWN Residential is one company that is taking advantage of the strong market. Other companies are doing extremely well, but TOWN is at the forefront of the New York real estate market. This article explains how TOWN can take advantage of a strong real estate market to improve its bottom line.

#1: Numbers Are Soaring

TOWN Residential is not the only company that saw its numbers soar in 2015, but TOWN Residential is the company that expanded the most. The company recently opened an office in London to bring investors over from Europe and Asia, and the increases in the New York market have allowed TOWN the cash to afford their new office. The market cannot grow without foreign investors, and TOWN Residential reaches out to foreign investors more than anyone.

#2: TOWN Develops And Keeps Private Customers

TOWN Residential is active in development around New York City real estate, but the company is not a developer alone. TOWN works with private clients who are looking for nice places to live around the city. TOWN often places its customers near its new development, and the company is sure that it can raise property values near its new developments. The city is exploding around TOWN’s developments, and private customers are finding beautiful places to live in revitalized parts of the city.

#3: New York Is Plateauing

The New York real estate market is plateauing at the end of 2015 due to strong growth across the city. Developers in every corner of the city are seeing gains, and the market is staying at a high level that could be maintained through 2016. New York developers are hoping the city can maintain its high growth, and each developer will make money on each new deal. High prices keep developers happy, and developers have more money to feed into new development projects.

New York is ruled by a few developers who help grow different parts of the city using traditional development models. These companies are showing massive growth in 2015, and developers like TOWN Residential are seeing great returns from their developments. High prices increase profits for developers around the city, and TOWN Residential is cashing in as it seeks more developers to improve the city even more.

Visual Search for Holiday Gifts

There are a lot of ways you can get presents for the holidays. Many will make you search for the item with the name or what the item may be used for. This can make it hard to find the one that is going to be the best option. There is a better way through visual searches.

How To Do A Visual Search
There are many ways you can do a visual search with Slyce. One of the best ways is to take a photo of the item you want and then use it to search for it in the app. This will make it easier to find the right color and the right style for the gift you are looking at.

Another way to use the visual search is to find a photo online that is of the item and then use that to find it for sale. This way you can find the right gift easily and with only a small effort on your end. This can make your gift giving and purchasing easier for you.

Why Use Visual Search
There are a lot of reasons you may use your Slyce visual search for getting items. One reason is you may not want a certain kind of item and this is the best way to get that exact item. If you can find a photo, then you may be able to get that item in the color and style that will be the best for you.

The best thing you can do with this kind of service is to have a photo of what you want ready so you can use visual options instead of just doing a search for the item and hoping you get it right. The idea Slyce had with making it visual is a great one because we are becoming a visual marketplace. We want to search through photos instead of just using words.